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We provide Managed IT Services, Business Continuity, VoIP, and Cloud Services, so that your business always runs smoothly. Each of these pieces are critical for security, maximum efficiency, and ultimately, increased profitability. Schedule an appointment to learn how our tools, processes, and services will send your productivity soaring without you ever worrying about having to manage your technology yourself, because we’ve got you covered.

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Managed Services

We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee.

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Data Backup & Recovery

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

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Security Services

Let us keep your company's data safe from threats.

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Remote IT Services

Let us fix your issue with ease and speed remotely.

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Cloud Computing

Our services are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee.

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Email Protection

We stop malware before it ever gets to your inbox.

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Managed Services

When you need managed services in West Michigan to maintain peak operation in the IT network of your small business, consider us here at ZATIS. We’ll manage all of your IT services for a flat-rate fee so you can focus your efforts on spurring your revenues to grow. Let us give you the peace of mind you deserve with your small business today with ZATIS managed services.​ When you sign up with our managed services, here are some of the substantial benefits:

Tailored Packages

Not only do we solve business needs, but we also know that every business’s needs are completely different from the next, so we offer 100% custom packages for any business size or budget.

Predictable costs 24/7 

ZATIS will not charge you more when your network is down or a server fails. Our flat-rate fee covers all of that if you need it done.

Ramped up productivity

Never stress again about network failures, as our managed services include around-the-clock monitoring of your computers and network to help prevent problems before they happen.

We are always available

Part of what makes our managed services in West Michigan so exceptional is that we are always available, regardless of time or holiday.

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands.
Contact us today for more information.

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Data Backup & Recovery

From tax records to client information, data is essential in running your business. When it’s lost because of an unanticipated natural disaster or even worse, it is stolen, you need to make sure you can recover that data so your business can continue to thrive and grow without losing clients.

Data backup and recovery with ZATIS is the most important service you could ever sign up for, as ZATIS specializes in computer, data, and hard drive backup, as well as system recovery. We use a unique system that backs up all of your domain and server information and stores a copy in a fully redundant local server and a copy offsite, so you’ll always be able to reaccess your data quickly. ZATIS data backup and recovery services will benefit your business by:

Planning for unexpected issues

They happen to everyone, and they can happen at any time. Take preventative measures today to maintain your business’ data.

Safeguard and defend your business

ZATIS protects your data, network, and systems from hacking or virus threats so you can focus on more important issues.

Don’t wait long for recovery

When your network does go down and data is lost, we’ll have it back for you in no time.

Regardless of your business size, you need dependable data backup and recovery. ZATIS can provide that to you – call today and prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

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Security Services

Traditionally, the idea of surveillance systems tends to be complicated, one that includes lots of screens and constant monitoring. New security technologies from ZATIS make that a thing of the past with our easy-to-understand systems and tailor-made services designed for business. Cyber Security is more important than ever with hard times, and you must keep your company safe. ZATIS surveillance systems include, among other things:

Keeping things honest

Times are hard, and temptation can be overwhelming. Keep your employees honest and assign consequences when they aren’t.

Complete compliance

When you have a ‘risk management’ requirement as part of your corporate governance package, we can make sure you are covered.

Peace of mind

Never worry about what’s happening in a part of the business you can’t monitor with your eyes all of the time.

Minimal downtime

Stable and reliable operations of all security technology is essential, and we make sure that’s exactly what you get.

Contact us today to find out how you can start protecting your business.

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Remote IT Services

Your network is down, and you’ve had your IT tech team working hard on getting it back up for hours to no avail. Instead of calling a technician out and waiting even longer to get your network up and running, you can use our Remote IT Services to have the problem fixed in a quarter of the time. We can plug in to your network and machines from afar, making it easier for ZATIS to fix your issue with ease and speed. When you bring ZATIS on board your company’s team, you bring the following, too:

Extensive Services

We can help you with every service, from remote viral protection to server and desktop support.

Affordable fees

We will customize our services to exactly what you need.

More free capital

We fix all of your issues without you having to hire someone dedicated to what we do for you.

With ZATIS, your business can grow with ease when you sign up with Remote IT Services.
Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

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Cloud Computing

When you need help with organizing your business and want to protect your computers from outside threats but you’re on a strict budget, ZATIS Cloud Computing Solutions in West Michigan can help.

Because our services are fully scalable and available for a flat-rate fee, you’ll never have to worry about an IT cost you can’t cover. With no additional IT staff needed and no initial capital investment required, you can now direct your cash to more important, business growing prospects, and leave the little things to us. When you sign up for ZATIS Cloud Computing Solutions, you’ll find:


Your business’s vital systems and data will be protected from loss, and even theft.

Service and Support

ZATIS will always be around 24/7 to serve your needs, and we will monitor your systems to prevent any problems in the first place.

Data protection

With our built-in data backup and secure data storage, you’ll never have to worry about losing your data in the event of any disaster.

Tools you can use

When you need to control and manage your systems, ZATIS will give you easy-to-use and intuitive tools to help you along the way.

You can rest easy when you put your IT support needs in our hands.
Contact us today for more information.

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Email Protection

As your business grows, so does your network security needs. Spam may begin to multiply and your network will become more vulnerable to attacks such as phishing and malware. To prevent infringement upon your information, you will need a good email system and exceptional spam protection. With our email service and spam protection, ZATIS can help. When you sign up with ZATIS services today, you can expect a system that will:

Provide comprehensive security

Not only do we stop viruses, worms, and malware before it gets to your inbox, we can encrypt your secure emails to protect from additional online threats.

Give you control

Our new system will make sure to make it clear who is accountable for any irresponsible actions.

Make searching a cinch

With the ZATIS easy-to-understand indexing system,  you won’t ever spend unnecessary time looking for essential emails.

Spam protection and email services are essential in any business.
To get the right service that's suited for you, call ZATIS today.

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